About Fucking Awesome E-Juice

Where did the idea of Fucking Awesome E-Juice come from you might ask?

It started years ago however until recently we had been vaping ejuice from our local shops and online. We realized that our ejuice here in Canada is pretty bad. One day after vaping a big canadian brand I looked at my RDA and it had black gunk all under the cap. I realized that stuff was going into my lungs. I was disgusted. I found out that most suppliers use the cheapest ingredients possible to make there juice. They call themselves premium ejuice when realistically there are no premium brands in Canada. Thats when Aaron and I partnered up to change the ejuice market in Canada. We bought the highest quality ingredients and started months and months of R&D. We hired on some help and decided to take it to the next level. We found some space and set up a laboratory. With a goal to be the biggest and highest quality ejuice in Canada.

The name Fucking Awesome E-Juice describes how we feel about the quality and taste of our e-juice. After some many more months we finally locked down flavors and are ready to show Canada an E-Juice that will make you want more and more because it is truly FUCKING AWESOME!.

Fucking Awesome Crew


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